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01 Mar 2023


Zumtobel Group Stand: D34


Industry applications are tough places. AMPHIBIA helps customers achieve their targets and minimise risks. Different versions fulfil the most demanding lighting tasks by combining high performance levels with strong resistance against water, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. 

A compact design and highly impact-resistant materials provide the kind of mechanical stability required for logistics, agriculture and carpark applications.

A consistent material concept and a specially engineered gear tray make sure that the luminaire can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -35 °C to + 50 °C.

The versatility of AMPHIBIA is based on the specific benefits of three materials. These offer maximum resistance against chemical substances such as acids, alkalis, halogens, solvents, fats and oils.

The luminaire housing and diffuser are made from the same material. This means that the product maintains full resistance during any physical expansion caused by changes in temperature.

PMMAplus: This special acrylic is not only highly transparent, but also resistant against impacts, UV radiation and weather. Even the risk of tension cracking has been minimised. When it comes to chemicals, luminaires made of PMMAplus are able to withstand a variety of acids, alkalis, halogens, mineral oils, fats and oils.

Chemo: The unique plastic compound combines wide-ranging chemical resistance with high impact resistance and durability – tension cracks therefore become a thing of the past. This highly translucent luminaire is also able to cope with alkalis, anorganic salts, solvents, fuels, fats and oils.

PC: Stability is the top priority when people or objects come into direct contact with the luminaire. The most mechanically robust luminaire in the portfolio is also UV-stable, high-impact and chemically resistant against alcohol, ethanol or hydrogen peroxide.

AMPHIBIA stays clean. Waste water simply drips off without dirtying the optics, while surfaces and niches where dust could gather have been completely avoided. Not even a mounting clip interrupts the smooth surface of the entirely transparent and IP66-protected luminaire.

Hygienic design starts with a smooth surface that leaves no place for deposits. With InvisiClick, AMPHIBIA has swapped a conventional fastening clip for a clipless version that works out of sight.

A long list of technical refinements enable AMPHIBIA to stay clean for longer. Injection edges with an angle of more than 15° and optics with a Drip-Edge-Effect help guide dust and water away from the fitting.

Rounded corners and smooth surfaces support quick and easy cleaning.

When fulfilling visual tasks on point priorities can vary. Sometimes, it is ensuring the effective illumination of extensive production areas. Other times, the focus is on long corridors of high-level racking or busy traffic routes. AMPHIBIA hits the mark from every height – with good uniformity and maximum efficiency.

From narrow to wide or asymmetrical: AMPHIBIA offers distributions for the most diverse lighting tasks – with high visual comfort every time.

Homogeneous light without glare is offered in four beam characteristics for high halls and low rooms, for wide areas and narrow corridors.

Linear microprisms broaden the light distribution in line with the visual task. Luminaires with a narrow or mediumwide beam only require light to be emitted laterally, while a completely structured diffuser generates the wide and asymmetrical light distributions.

A diffuse optic mounted above the LEDs dissolves the individual light points. This helps AMPHIBIA produce homogeneous glare-free light.

The precise light output and high luminaire efficiency stem from powerful LED modules, which are photometrically optimised and positioned according to the visual task.

A completely clear luminaire covering all requirements. Wide-beam and asymmetric luminaires create a pleasant spatial effect through an indirect light component, while narrow-beam and medium-beam versions of AMPHIBIA use direct light to illuminate higher rooms with maximum efficiency.

Whether a ceiling or a wall, horizontal or vertical – whatever you need, AMPHIBIA promises the highest installation flexibility available. This moisture-proof luminaire can be safely positioned and neatly installed in just a few simple steps – in even less via a BESA box.

As a truly versatile lighting tool, AMPHIBIA complies with all the norms and standards associated with a modern lighting solution. For example, it adheres with the newly introduced specifications for parking garages by achieving the required cylindrical illuminance levels for parking areas.

AMPHIBIA is also approved and endorsed by ECOLAB and HACCP.

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IWLEX Exhibitors say :

IWLEX Exhibitors say :

  • "We’ve never seen a show like it! Within six minutes of the inaugural IWLEX (Inside Warehouse & Logistics Exhibition) opening, we had our first inquiry in the bag. The two days in May at the Telford International Centre went on to be the most successful trade show we have attended in terms of deals created at the event itself and immediately afterward."
    Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at IWLEX. It is a valuable exhibition for companies looking for the highest quality visitors. Visitor numbers may be lower than at other exhibitions, simply because the organisers have done a fantastic job in screening out time-wasters! Everyone who came onto our stand was a motivated buyer and we have had several high-quality leads since the exhibition. We recommend IWLEX to anyone looking for relevant leads within the world of warehousing and logistics. Thank you, Justin and Nairn!”
    NLT Mechanical
  • '' It was a good show and quality is always better than a high number of tyres kickers . We have engaged with two potential customers with live projects that at this point are looking promising hence committing to IWLEX24.''
    Russell Hutchinson
    Business Development Manager - Daifuku
  • "At 51T we are really excited to be part of the inaugural Inside Warehouse Logistics exhibition. Having exhibited at other events we felt it was time for something new, in particular the original idea of having the industry shape the event. We're looking forward to meeting a new group of buyers and becoming part of the new IWLEX community."
    Duncan Dampier
    51T International Accounts Manager
  • "The Safety Knife Company are delighted to be part of the inaugural Inside Warehouse Logistics exhibition. We believe that this energetic new event will be a ‘must attend’ for the industry professionals and attract excellent visitors for us to engage with."
    David Harris
    General Manager at The Safety Knife Company