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08 Apr 2024

Paperble™ Paper Bubble Wrap

Maxpack Hall: 1 Stand: H44

Paperble paper bubble wrap is an ideal alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap. It is made from 2 layers of sustainably sourced FSC approved paper, with one flat layer laminated to an embossed layer to provide excellent surface protection that is 100% recyclable and compostable.

Paperble paper bubble wrap is a unique patented product from Maxpack, available on the rolls and in various standard sizes of sheets to ensure there is something to suit every requirement.

Consumers are increasingly demanding packaging that is more easily disposed of and produced from materials that are sustainably sourced. Paperble paper bubble wrap is the perfect solution, offering great protection for fragile items and products that need scratch protection. Additionally, it looks great, makes your product stand out and is easy to dispose of with other paper waste.

Wrapping with Paperble paper bubblewrap is very similar to wrapping with conventional plastic bubble wrap. It can be put on the same dispenser or roll and dispensed in the same way. It will work in a similar way through a bubble cutter or it can be cut simply with a knife or scissors. To seal the paper bubble wrap its best to use self-adhesive paper tape or gummed paper tape so that it can all be disposed of together as paper waste.

  • Fully compostable
  • Made from paper from a sustainable source
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flexible & easy to wrap with
  • Outstanding protection & presentation

To reduce single-use plastic and plastic waste being sent to landfill, paper bubble wrap is the perfect solution. It sets your product and your company apart through using this paper bubble wrap from a sustainable source. The paper is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable which means that if its responsibly disposed of it can be recycled for further re-use and if its irresponsibly disposed of it will naturally, harmlessly decompose.

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IWLEX Exhibitors say :

IWLEX Exhibitors say :

  • "We’ve never seen a show like it! Within six minutes of the inaugural IWLEX (Inside Warehouse & Logistics Exhibition) opening, we had our first inquiry in the bag. The two days in May at the Telford International Centre went on to be the most successful trade show we have attended in terms of deals created at the event itself and immediately afterward."
    Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at IWLEX. It is a valuable exhibition for companies looking for the highest quality visitors. Visitor numbers may be lower than at other exhibitions, simply because the organisers have done a fantastic job in screening out time-wasters! Everyone who came onto our stand was a motivated buyer and we have had several high-quality leads since the exhibition. We recommend IWLEX to anyone looking for relevant leads within the world of warehousing and logistics. Thank you, Justin and Nairn!”
    NLT Mechanical
  • '' It was a good show and quality is always better than a high number of tyres kickers . We have engaged with two potential customers with live projects that at this point are looking promising hence committing to IWLEX24.''
    Russell Hutchinson
    Business Development Manager - Daifuku
  • "At 51T we are really excited to be part of the inaugural Inside Warehouse Logistics exhibition. Having exhibited at other events we felt it was time for something new, in particular the original idea of having the industry shape the event. We're looking forward to meeting a new group of buyers and becoming part of the new IWLEX community."
    Duncan Dampier
    51T International Accounts Manager
  • "The Safety Knife Company are delighted to be part of the inaugural Inside Warehouse Logistics exhibition. We believe that this energetic new event will be a ‘must attend’ for the industry professionals and attract excellent visitors for us to engage with."
    David Harris
    General Manager at The Safety Knife Company