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The IWLEX team


The IWLEX team

Nairn Foster

Nairn Foster

Managing Director

Nairn Foster is a founding director of IWLEX.

Nairn is passionate about creating a new, more inclusive and modern event for the warehousing and internal logistics industry.

Having worked directly with the industry for the past 8 years, Nairn has heard first hand what the suppliers and visitors really want from an exhibition.

Fuelled by his determination to create a better exhibition, that is more inclusive and serves the industry better, Nairn decided "take the jump" and create IWLEX.

"I'm hugely excited about the response we have had from the industry, the suppliers, the associations.  I am razor focused on creating the modern and inclusive event the industry needs and deserves.  I would like to thank everybody in the industry for their support to date"

Tel: 07359 250670


Justin Craig

Justin Craig


Justin Craig is a founding director of IWLEX.

Justin is an experienced business man with a track record of commercial success.  Having sold his previous business in 2021, Justin will ensure that IWLEX is properly supported to deliver on its ambitious objectives.

Justin met Nairn in 2011 and built a professional friendship based on their shared passion for B2B events and a shared ethos of mucking in and getting their hands dirty. 

Justin is committed to making IWLEX the most modern, inclusive and relevant exhibition in the sector.  An event shaped by the industry for the industry.  

Since 2010 Justin has worked on thousands of exhibition across the globe.  He has a deep and extensive understanding or what makes a successful exhibition.

Mental well-being and mindfulness are very important to Justin, he comments: "IWLEX will be a fantastic marketplace for the industry to do business.  But more than that, we will aim to support our industry with a focus on how we can support the mental wellbeing of ourselves and our colleagues.  The past few years have been very challenging for all of us.  The cost of living crisis has only exacerbated things.  IWLEX will have a dedicated focus on mindfulness and corporate wellbeing".

Tel: 07888 636873



Paul Brooks FCILT, FIOD

Paul Brooks FCILT, FIOD

IWLEX Conference and Strategic Adviser

Paul is a sales leader with more than 25 years board level experience. His career has spanned over 35 years in retail, automotive, technology and logistics sectors. In founding Go Further, the sales performance specialist, Paul now supports the development of leading propositions in logistics, software and services markets.

Paul is a recognised expert in creating conference programmes, attracting high profile speakers and chairing events. In his own right he is a sought-after consulting partner and international conference speaker on topics such as supply chain innovation, relationship development, customer solution building and the presentation of winning propositions.

Paul was Chairman of CILT UK (2007-2011) and President of CILT International (2015-2016). He has been a passionate advocate of learning and development in global supply chain roles for the 20+ years he has been involved directly with The Chartered Institute. Paul holds a degree in Mathematics and Management from The University of Hull and an MBA from Kingston Business School, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Paul will work closely with Nairn and Justin to ensure that IWLEX delivers on their shared vision to create a modern, differentiated exhibition for the sector that catalyses value for all participants and supports the industry it serves.


Anna Anson

Anna Anson

IWLEX 2023 : Head of Operations

Anna Anson is the owner of the Ops Squad.  Anna and her team have managed operations for thousands of B2B exhibitions. 

Anna and her team will ensure the event is delivered efficiently and that exhibitors and contractors are well supported.

E-mail : squad

Jack Craig

Jack Craig

Commercial Assistant

Jack Craig, is Commercial Assistant, supporting the management team with a broad range of operational responsibilities as well as bringing the perspective of a generation "millennial", to the experienced team.

Jack Craig graduated from Manchester University in 2021 with an honours degree in Psychology and thereafter gained a graduate position for a well-known brand within the hospitality sector.    Having seen Justin grow other businesses successfully and witnessing the fast growth of IWLEX he agreed to join the IWLEX team.

Jack comments "Justin and Nairn have the vision to build a modern and inclusive event for the UK Warehousing sector.  Having worked for his previous company within events, I gained a positive insight into the power of B2B in-person events and fell in love with that space.  I look forward to working alongside Justin and the IWLEX team as we build something really special over the next ten years".

Jack is responsible for working across a broad spectrum of activities at IWLEX that span, operational, marketing, data, and managing IWLEX's community platforms.


Michael Maisey

Michael Maisey

Michael Maisey is the charismatic best-selling author and founder of non-profit organisation CIP Project. He helps people from various backgrounds who battle with their mental health.

Michael rebuilt his life over 30 years from a position of desperation to one of contentment and peace. Following his lowest point, when he attempted suicide in prison, Michael made a total commitment to change and helping others. He discusses his journey on his fantastic TEDx talk, From Prison to Purpose (8/06/22).

Michael’s journey wasn’t easy and occurred over many years. He has help thousands of people and preaches a philosophy of kindness, discusses what that means and explains how we can all help each other.

Michael will support IWLEX’s organisers in the delivery of their Wellbeing Zone, which is a seminar and workshop area which focuses personal wellbeing workshops.

On 23rd May (the first day of IWLEX), Michael will personally deliver a minimum of two powerful workshops, where he actively invites visitors to get involved.

Michael will also be signing copies of his best-selling book; “Young Offender” and giving away 10 free copies to attendees of his workshop.

Michael’s workshops are incredibly powerful participative experiences that will certainly take the audiences out of their comfort zones. They will give a flavour how he helps people at his CIP Project in Devon ( He will deliver a minimum of one workshop for women and one workshop for men. He will also be hosting a video chat room on the Inside Warehouse Community platform which can be joined via the event website,

In a passionate call to action Michael urges the Warehousing industry to be bold enough to attend, Michael comments:

“I’m calling you in, back into connection, back into fellowship, the lone wolf ideology needs to be smashed, we heal together, and we grow together, in community.

Men can find it very hard to open up about how they are feeling. I have spent the past 15 years practicing and healing myself and working with men and helping them become the person they TRULY want to be. The mental health statistics in the logistics sector are very sad, and I'm calling you in, to step out of your comfort zones so you can grow, change and take these gifts we share back to your loved ones.

By being brave enough to attend a workshop, we are sending out a message to the industry and our colleagues that brotherhood and connection is medicine. Following the event, I will be available to provide further support for those that need it.”

Go to for more information. 

IWLEX Exhibitors say :

IWLEX Exhibitors say :

  • "We’ve never seen a show like it! Within six minutes of the inaugural IWLEX (Inside Warehouse & Logistics Exhibition) opening, we had our first inquiry in the bag. The two days in May at the Telford International Centre went on to be the most successful trade show we have attended in terms of deals created at the event itself and immediately afterward."
    Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at IWLEX. It is a valuable exhibition for companies looking for the highest quality visitors. Visitor numbers may be lower than at other exhibitions, simply because the organisers have done a fantastic job in screening out time-wasters! Everyone who came onto our stand was a motivated buyer and we have had several high-quality leads since the exhibition. We recommend IWLEX to anyone looking for relevant leads within the world of warehousing and logistics. Thank you, Justin and Nairn!”
    NLT Mechanical
  • '' It was a good show and quality is always better than a high number of tyres kickers . We have engaged with two potential customers with live projects that at this point are looking promising hence committing to IWLEX24.''
    Russell Hutchinson
    Business Development Manager - Daifuku
  • "At 51T we are really excited to be part of the inaugural Inside Warehouse Logistics exhibition. Having exhibited at other events we felt it was time for something new, in particular the original idea of having the industry shape the event. We're looking forward to meeting a new group of buyers and becoming part of the new IWLEX community."
    Duncan Dampier
    51T International Accounts Manager
  • "The Safety Knife Company are delighted to be part of the inaugural Inside Warehouse Logistics exhibition. We believe that this energetic new event will be a ‘must attend’ for the industry professionals and attract excellent visitors for us to engage with."
    David Harris
    General Manager at The Safety Knife Company


Thank you for supporting IWLEX

Thank you for supporting IWLEX

IWLEX 2025 logo and show dates.

We can't wait to welcome you all back to Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo on the 3rd and 4th of June 2025.

We will be updating the website with more information on IWLEX 2025 over the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting IWLEX!

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